Mandalas Coloring Book Adults

Mandala Coloring Books for Adults English

New innovative coloring book with mandala country maps

★ 100 high resolution illustrations of countries from all around the world
★ Innovative new concept: each country has a unique mandala pattern
★ Suitable for All Skill Levels. This book offers a broad variety of designs suited for all skill levels – ranging from beginner to expert level.
★ The mandala pages can be cut out and can be framed to display your masterpieces (every image is printed on a single-sided page, suitable for all types of pens)

paperback EN
100 Countries Mandalas Coloring Book for Adults

great gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or birthday for family or friends.

Stress Relieving Country Mandalas that are Great for Relaxation

★ Designed to provide calmness and relaxation
★ Stress reduction as a positive side effect
★ Painting is very good for relaxation as well as the ability to concentrate
★ Consciously promote mindfulness
★ Improve your creativity

100 beautiful countries mandalas in this book:

France, Spain, USA, China, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, United Kingdom, Japan, Austria, Greece, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, Portugal, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Macau, India, Hungary, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Morocco, Denmark, Egypt, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Africa, Ireland, Bulgaria, Australia, Belgium, Tunisia, Iran, Philippines, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Norway, Cambodia, Slovakia, Chile, Albania, Georgia, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Peru, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Colombia, Laos, New Zealand, Myanmar, Uruguay, Estonia, Finland, Puerto Rico, Andorra, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Romania, Azerbaijan, Malta, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Algeria, Ecuador, Oman, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Montenegro, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Latvia, Nigeria, Uganda, Qatar, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Serbia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg.