blockchain book 2021 english language

Blockchain Books 2021

Blockchain Tokenization of the World: Tokenization . Blockchain . Bitcoin . Ethereum . Mining . Impact on Businesses, Goverment and Society . Smart Contracts . ICO . STO . Startups | by Gordon Goldberg

Tokenization, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Mining, Impact on Businesses, Goverment and Society, Smart Contracts, ICO, STO and many more topics:

★ What is Bitcoin, and How Does the Blockchain Work?
★ How does Mining of Bitcoins Work?
★ How to buy Bitcoins on exchange?
★ Bitcoins as a form of payment
★ Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in detail
★ Ethereum
★ The role of Smart Contracts in business
★ Fundraising and token offerings
★ Raising funds for a start-up via the security token offering
★ Advantages of using STOs in startups
★ Profitable Strategies for Investing in Digital Assets, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
★ Investing in initial coin offering and STOs
★ Investing in blockchain startups
★ Trading liquid cryptocurrency
★ Blockchains and Large Corporations; profit or disruption
★ Blockchain and its Impact on Businesses, Government and Society
★ Tokenization
★ Lawyers and their Speculations on Token/Coin Offering Regulations in Specific Countries